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Time to Rally

If there’s one thing that’s always been consistent about sports, it’s that it brings people together. Being a fan is a great equalizer and once you play or cheer for a team your differences become irrelevant. In the sponsorship business,…

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A Positive Projection

Let me be the first to tell you that I’m getting sick of writing about COVID and sports. But after staring at a blank screen for the better part of an hour, I simply just couldn’t think of a worthwhile…

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Sponsorship in the COVID Era

What do shortened seasons with no in-venue fans mean to sponsors of both collegiate and professional sports teams? Well, obviously it means an entirely new way to buy, execute, and evaluate your sponsorship assets. It means that you should absolutely…

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Don’t Text and Cheer

It’s a gross understatement to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has totally F’d the world of sports as we know it. With the notable exception of what could be a hellishly entertaining 60 game(ish) MLB season, basketball in a dome,…

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On the Road Again

One of the more exciting parts of working in the sports industry is the opportunity to send clients on a road trip. I’ve done these trips with almost every franchise in our market as both a host and as a…

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Winning Isn’t Everything

Sports sponsorship sales professionals will be the first to tell (and perhaps the only people to tell you) that winning is not relevant to the quality of the product they sell. Of course, I agree. A properly structured and executed…

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